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STORIES Story 55

A Weekend with Daddy

By: D. James


Peggy glanced at her watch as she pulled the car into the shopping center parking lot where they had agreed to meet. It was just past 4 PM on a Sunny Friday afternoon in late August. They had been looking forward to this time alone for several months. A full two and a half days and nights together awaited them. Peggy and Dennis were alone, finally, alone to indulge their fantasy, satisfy their mutual lust and most of all, express their undying love.

"Pull your car over there." He said, his sudden presence at her door startled Peggy out of her reverie, but his smile and the flash of his already very blue eyes immediately warmed her heart. Her grin was spontaneous, he always seemed to have this effect on her, and she really could not even look at him without a smile breaking out on her lovely face. She wondered briefly if had something to do with hormones. The smile was the outward evidence, but inside a rush of hot desire accompanied it. The car glided smoothly to the spot he indicated. She gathered her things and her overnight bag, and then locked the car.

Dennis couldn't help feeling a, little, sexual twinge as Peggy exposed a flash of smooth, bare thigh while climbing into his truck. His hand touched hers as he leaned over for a sweet, hello kiss. He always marveled at the sparkle in her deep brown eyes, when she looked at him. Her look left little doubt that she was completely in love with him and that knowledge swelled his own heart with love and pride. "This place is open 24 hours a day, no one will notice your car among the hundreds that are here. We will be at my place in just a few minutes," he said," Our rules of dominance and submission go into effect now. Do you remember your safe word?" he asked. She nodded her head. And subconsciously placed her hands, palm up, on her thighs. Her entire demeanor began to soften as she allowed her submissive nature to come to the surface. His natural dominance emerged when he said, " Until Sunday evening or until I say otherwise, you are a child, my child, and I am your Daddy. We are going to have a wonderful time together, baby girl." He pulled the SUV into his garage and Peggy felt just a twinge of anxiety as the garage door lowered behind them. She was here now, there was no turning back, she wanted this, desperately, but this desire frightened her too. Peggy reveled in her sexually submissive nature, but she feared that it would swallow her completely sometimes, the feelings could be overwhelming. In real life she was nothing like this. Peggy was a business woman, used to putting together six-figure deals, confident in her professional abilities, respected by her peers, mature and sophisticated, but she had been so unsatisfied, until she met Dennis. He introduced a world entirely unknown to Peggy. A world of sexual expression so intense that she could scarcely believe the effect it had on her. Their relationship varied from simply making wild passionate love to elaborate role-play where she would become a slave girl, a schoolgirl, a child or a baby. One thread was common throughout their relationship. Dennis was naturally dominant, not cruel, but always in control. Through his tutelage Peggy had explored her natural subbiness and she had learned that it was an important, but long suppressed part of her personality. She had learned; that despite many years of societal conditioning, she was a natural submissive. She was still coming to grips with that knowledge.

He led her to the sofa, where he sat and pulled her gently onto his lap. Their mouths pressed together in a passionate exploratory kiss. His hands wrapped around her small frame, his tongue exploring her mouth and lips. Peggy melted into his arms as she gave herself over to the pleasure he would bring. They remained entwined together for a long time, kissing, holding and caressing one- another. Their mutual passion rising higher as his hand slid slowly up her bare thigh under her light summer skirt. There was a sharp intake of her breath as he touched the wetness at the crotch of her cotton panties. He wanted to simply rip away her clothes and fuck her on the spot but Dennis knew that it would be so much better if he waited. He allowed himself one more squeeze of her beautiful little body, his kisses becoming lighter, less passionate; there was plenty of time. They disengaged and he poured them both drinks. The Jack Daniels felt good as it slid down her throat. The air conditioner hummed outside, she could hear birds singing and a dog barking. She settled again into his arms. It would be a lovely weekend.


"Lean back, baby girl, let me rinse your hair." He said. Peggy closed her eyes and felt the warm water stream through her long dark hair. She was in the bathtub; he was kneeling at its side. His right arm was holding her weight above the warm fragrant water; his left hand was gently caressing her face as he rinsed the shampoo from her hair. He had bathed her twice before but it had been a long time ago. She could clearly remember their very first night together when he came to her hotel room and bathed her. "How strange," she thought then, "that he wants to do this instead of have intercourse." He bathed and dried her as if she were a child then spent several hours simply kissing and caressing her with his mouth and hands. She had forgotten how sensuous and relaxing the experience was.

Now, here she was again, a child being washed by her loving Daddy. He had begun by letting her soak in the warm bubble bath for several minutes. When he produced the razor she told him that she had shaved her legs that morning in preparation for their meeting but the gleam in his eye made it clear that this shave would be higher than her legs. In no time at all her pubic hair was gone. Her vulva gleamed like that of a three year old. She liked this feeling. It increased her submissiveness as well as her sensitivity. The whole idea of being completely bare was extremely sexy to Peggy. As he finished the shave he reminded her of the rule of silence they had agreed upon. Peggy was not permitted to speak as an adult, during the entire weekend, unless she was asked a direct question or he specifically suspended the rule for a period of time. She was permitted the unrestricted use of a few dozen words such as: Daddy, baby, potty, hungry, sleepy, etc and a few phrases she had a tendency to utter in the throes of passion. She was specifically prohibited from using adult sentence structure. She felt an immediate wave of panic as she realized her violation. She knew that she would be spanked later for the transgression, and she promised herself that she would not speak again without permission. The bath continued with a soft washcloth lathered with liquid baby soap. Her desire swelled again as he caressed her intimately between the legs, around her breasts and especially when he wormed a soapy finger deep into her rectum. Dennis was very thorough and she felt about as clean as a girl could, in addition to being highly aroused. He washed her hair with Johnson's baby shampoo. This was a new experience. Peggy gave herself over to the relaxing effect of the scalp massage while the rest of her body simmered with unfulfilled sexual desire. It was a weird combination to be totally relaxed and yet extremely turned-on at the same time. Now he was holding her under the warm spray of water from the hand held showerhead while he rinsed the last of the soap from her hair. He helped her from the bath and she stood on weak legs as he toweled her body dry with a fluffy bath sheet. When she was thoroughly dry he wrapped the towel around her and tucked it in place. He had her sit on the closed toilet while he brushed and blow-dried her hair. He tried his best to comb it into two pigtails, and he produced a pair of childish elastic bands with pink flowers on them to hold her hair in place, admittedly Peggy had to give him a little help in this area, but as soon as her hair was done he was back in charge.


Peggy was panting. Dennis had managed to keep her mildly stimulated throughout the bath but that was nothing compared to what she was feeling now. After the bath he led her into the bedroom and had her lay face down on the bed. The bed was covered with what appeared to be an oversize baby-changing pad. Dennis was thinking to himself that if he could find a way to live with this wonderful girl he would buy a massage table and decorate it to look like a big baby changing table, of course he would need an O.B. table too and a bondage bench, and...well those are other stories. His strong hands had been massaging her back, arms and legs for the past 15 minutes. He had applied a liberal amount of Johnson's baby oil to her body and then sprinkled the area with sweet smelling powder. Peggy gave herself over to the pampering and was in a deeply relaxed, semi conscious trance. Even when she felt him pour the baby oil along the crack of her bottom and she felt one, then two slippery fingers, deeply penetrate and worm around in her tender ass, she remained calm. She was limp as he rolled her onto her back and began the process again at her shoulders, arms and hands. He spent a long time and used lots of oil on her pert little breasts. His strong hands tweaked her nipples to hardness, squeezed and caressed her breasts, then traveled downward to massage her tummy and side, then traveled up again to repeat the process. This continued until Peggy began to undulate her hips, seeking his touch in her most intimate place. The room smelled strongly of baby powder, as he continued the massage at her feet, then ankles, calves and thighs. He couldn't resist dipping his tongue down into her sweet vagina and taking a few long lingering licks between the lips of her girl cleft. The action startled Peggy and it was obvious that her arousal was becoming more urgent. He continued to lick and suck the sweet juices of her desire from that feminine well, until he knew she was close to her own fulfillment. He pulled away as her need reached the edge and again oiled his palms to begin a massage of her lower abdomen and hips. She was writhing now, deeply in need, but he studiously avoided any touch that could send her over the edge. Finally she calmed enough that he could again touch her smoothly shaven pussy mound, his slippery fingers caressed and coated every millimeter of her flesh with oil, then powder. Peggy was panting now, torn between relaxation and desire. Dennis was calmly pulling some cloth between her legs, and pulling it tightly at her hips. She opened her eyes and saw two silvery objects in his mouth; she could not focus. "What were they?" she thought. Then, she noticed the yellow ducky heads.... Diaper pins! He was pushing one through the thick fabric at her hip already, then the other. She was being diapered like a 2 year old, and she was more aroused than she had been in years! The pins in place, he was pushing her legs straight back, lifting her rump as he pulled the waterproof, vinyl panties over her double thick padded diaper. A short sleeve, soft flannel Onsie was being pulled over her head, there was a tiny blue and pink pattern covering the simple white garment. She could feel him snapping the crotch closed between her legs. " It is dinner time baby girl." He announced, as he pulled her to her feet. She tried to walk to the kitchen but the bulk between her legs and the tight crotch of the Onsie reduced her motivation to a waddle. The pressure between her legs was soft and insistent; she knew her arousal would not abate for a long time.

He had no high chair, but he had rigged a kitchen chair by placing blocks under the legs and clamping a tray to the arms. He was feeding her with an oversize spoon and he seemed to delight in missing her mouth no matter how still she stayed. It was a good thing he had tied that giant sized bib around her neck first. He had prepared a simple dinner of spaghetti and meatballs and had patiently cut hers into tiny little pieces before he spoon fed them to her. He allowed her to hold a piece of buttered bread to feed herself, and he had filled a toddler's sippy cup, which he allowed her to use by herself. He managed to feed himself too and after he was satisfied that he had gotten enough food into (onto?) Peggy he allowed her to play with the bread and water while he cleaned up the kitchen. Peggy was a bit aggravated that she still had spaghetti sauce all over her face but decided that she would remain silent as she had promised.

Dennis finished the dishes and was suddenly in front of her "high chair" with a disposable camera. "Smile Peggy, you look so cute like this." All she could see was stars as the flash went off. Then she felt the warm washcloth on her face, gently wiping away the residue of her dinner. He leaned over her and said: "Peggy, you have been an absolutely wonderful little baby girl for your Daddy, I love you very, very much."

He lifted her from the chair as if she had no weight at all. Peggy always marveled at his strength. Truth be told, she was petite, and lifting her was a relatively easy task for Dennis. He carried her into the family room with the big screen TV. He selected one of his favorite movies, The Dark Crystal, by Jim Hensen, and they cuddled together to watch the fantasy. Daddy Dennis held her in his arms a placed the rubber nipple of a full bottle to her lips. "Drink all of your cranberry juice for Daddy, baby girl." He said," You have two full bottles to finish before bedtime." Peggy contentedly sucked on the bottle and Dennis held her close. He was overwhelmed with love for the big, little girl at his side, and he marveled at her willingness to participate in his fantasy. As the movie wore on, he caressed her diapered crotch through her panties. The constant stimulation kept Peggy in a mild state of horniness all evening. She knew he would probably not allow her to cum yet but she had an overwhelming urge to make love to her Sweet Daddy and Master. "Daddy?" she asked, pulling the nipple from her mouth, "Your little girl needs something to suck on." "Oh," he replied, did you finish your bottle already?" "No Daddy, the bottle is still half full, I need my Daddy to suck on." She said, with a coy smile. Dennis wasted no time removing his slacks and under shorts and settling back down onto the couch. Peggy laid her pretty little pig-tailed head in her Daddy's lap and began to nurse on his turgid manhood. The constant stimulation of the day and Peggy's unique oral talent combined to make her task an easy one. She was not at all interested in teasing him, Peggy wanted the main course, and in just a few minutes she was rewarded as thick jets of Daddy cum filled her mouth. She continued to suck and stroke with her hand as Dennis cried out his ecstasy and filled her mouth and belly with his potent seed. "Jesus!" he screamed at his peak, "You could pervert the Pope with your mouth, baby." Peggy swallowed and smiled. She was happy to nurse and suck on his rapidly softening penis, she was content to demonstrate her love for this beautiful man who made her feel so wonderful and sexy. "Thank you Daddy, that was a wonderful dessert." She said.

Dennis felt overwhelming sexual relief and contentment. All his life he had searched for a woman who could be what Peggy was to him. She was the perfect, darling, little, submissive baby-girl toy. He cradled her in his strong arms and held the second bottle to her lips. Occasionally, he removed the bottle and tenderly kissed the woman child he so loved. It would be a wonderful weekend.

He held her for a long time after the movie ended, simply enjoying the quiet and being together. Peggy dozed, and sucked contentedly in his arms and finally he carried her up stairs to his bedroom. She stirred as he removed the Onsie and checked her still dry diaper. Dennis knew that she would resist wetting as long as she could. He was glad he had chosen to put her in full, triple thick, night time diapers earlier in the evening, he would not need to disturb her too much now. It was easy to pull the baby doll nightie over her head and tuck her in. He climbed in behind he and cuddled her spoon fashion in his arms as they both drifted off to a restful sleep.


Peggy was awakened at 2AM with an overwhelming urge to urinate. It took a few moments for her to get her bearings and to realize where she was. She could see the soft glow of a nightlight in the bathroom across the hall. She began to rise thinking only of her need to pee when she felt his grip tighten on her tiny waist. "No bathroom for you little girl, use your diaper." He mumbled. She rolled to her back and tried her best to overcome 40 plus years of toilet training with out results, meanwhile the pressure on her bladder became almost painful. Her Daddy stirred and softly spoke into her ear, soothing her, and coaxing her. "It's alright baby girl, Daddy wants you to make pee - pee in your diaper. It's OK. You have triple thick padding and vinyl pants on, you won't leak, and even if you do a rubber undersheet protects the bed. Let it go, you are only a baby, let it go, Daddy will make it alright". She concentrated for a moment then allowed just a trickle to escape into the waiting cotton. She relaxed again and another spurt of fluid shot from her distended bladder, A moment later the torrent started. She could feel the wetness spread throughout her crotch then down to the cheeks of her buttocks and the small of her back. Daddy held her tight and continued to whisper encouragement into her ear. He was right. The heavy diapering contained all of her elimination. She rolled to her tummy at his urging and could feel the wetness spread until it encased her entire pelvis. The wettest area seemed to be right between her legs, centered over her smooth little pussy. The material in that area bunched up to create what felt like a giant, warm hand gripping her sexual parts. Her Daddy dozed off as she pressed her now wet, padded loins against the mattress to increase her stimulation.

She fitfully dozed as the day's sexual stimulation combined with the wet bulk around her groin to cause a hot itch between her slender legs. Dennis stirred from that dreamy state between wake and sleep as he felt Peggy squirm and move in an attempt to find relief. He knew that the wet diaper was growing cold and uncomfortable, causing her to focus all of her attention on her diapered crotch. He had teased her and stimulated her all evening denying her the sexual relief that she craved. He glanced at the clock, almost 4 AM. He knew she was ready for him now. His lips grazed hers as he hovered above her. Peggy immediately responded to his kiss and wrapped her arms passionately around her Daddy-lover. "Oh Daddy, please, Daddy I need a change so bad, and I need you bad, Daddy, please fix your little girl." She moaned, and begged as she responded to his kisses. Finally Dennis reached for the changing pad at the bedside and slipped it under the squirming girl. He deftly pulled the vinyl panties down her legs to reveal the wet mass around her hips. The diaper pins were removed quickly and Peggy had a sharp intake of breath as she felt the cool night air on her exposed damp flesh. Her scent was overpowering to Dennis. Not strong or unpleasant, but musky and sensual. Her hot arousal combined with the slight smell of her urine to make an intoxicating aroma. He gently cleaned her hips and bottom with a baby wipe, then, finally, he gave in to his desire and buried his head between her still damp thighs. His tongue immediately wormed its way between the slick lips of her shaven pussy. She was already secreting a copious amount of slippery lubrication. He attacked it like a starving man and literally slurped the juice into his mouth. "Please, fuck your little girl, Daddy." She whined again. Dennis was torn between his own hard desire and the desire to devour his sweet little girl. Her request and squirming made up his mind and he rose above her again and in one smooth, swift motion ensconced the whole of his hard penis deep into the heaven between Peggy's legs. Even in the semi darkness of the bedroom he could see her eyes open wide as her mouth opened in a silent scream. Their need was hot and intense and he immediately began to fuck deeply in and out of hers slick gash, moving at a fast rate. Her gasps told him she too was already close to the fulfillment he had denied her for the past 10 hours and she thrust her loins back against his driving fleshy piston. There was no baby girl now, only a hot passionate woman fucking back at him as he neared his climax.

Peggy began the keening little cries that signaled her oncoming orgasm, her mouth open, her big, brown eyes unfocused and wild. Her lower torso began the familiar quivering that preceded her orgasm, and then it rolled over her like thunder. "Oh God, yes, fuck me! Daddy, Fuck me, Fuck your little girl, Daddy. Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee!" Her Orgasm triggered his own release and Dennis buried his prick to the hilt in her wet convulsing sheath as he spurted his love seed deep into her sucking womb. "Oh God, he groaned, you are so sweet and good, Ah, Jesus baby you are fantastic. Take this, take my cum, take Daddy's cum deep inside your sweet belly, my darling baby, girl!" His spurting prick shot spasm after spasm deep into her tummy, and then he collapsed. Their breathing slowed, and they held each other close as they drifted into sleep again.

The sun shining through the high windows woke Dennis shortly before eight AM. Peggy was still in a deep, contented sleep entwined in his arms. His morning erection was pulsing impatiently against her thigh. He could feel the dried residue of their earlier lovemaking on her leg. His hand moved to the juncture of her thighs and probed the lips of her pussy. With a gentle push his finger sunk easily into the slippery cavern to capture a glob of the seminal fluid he had pumped into her body just a few hours ago. He pulled his finger out and gently rubbed the mixture of boy and girl cum along the lips of her pussy, She began to stir as he gently nudged his rock hard morning erection into her slimy well. He immediately began a slow pumping action, avoiding clitoral contact as much as possible. His objective was to fill her with cum, as quickly and as quietly as possible. He was stroking for home when her smile gave away the fact that she had awakened. It didn't matter at that point. Dennis sheathed his swollen prick to the hilt and emptied his balls with pulse after pulse of warm sticky semen. Her eyes fluttered open when she felt him begin to cum "Good morning Daddy, she said, is my Daddy using his good, little baby slave girl for his cum receptacle? " "Unghh!"... was all he could reply as the last spasm shook his body. He lowered his head to her neck kissing and nibbling her as his deflated penis shrank inside of her.

"Daddy, I'm leaking all over the sheets!" she said. " It's OK baby girl, Daddy will fix that. She could already feel the cool baby wipe on her upper thighs and buttocks, but he studiously avoided her vagina which was seeping and bubbling with the remains of her own lubrication and his copious discharges of the past few hours. His hands were caressing the cleaned area with baby lotion. It felt cool and clean on her heated skin. "Raise your knees baby girl, make it easy for your Daddy." He said. His hands cupped her exposed nether cheeks and slathered more lotion around and between them. His fingers grew bold and she could feel him probing at her ass, then a finger slid deep inside and began an easy in and out motion. The action began to arouse Peggy again, her whole being centered on her rectum as it sucked at his squirming finger. He stopped for a moment then she felt him there again. She thought she could detect something else, cooler, firmer than his finger, then he was deep inside of her again, the finger seemed even longer but of course it couldn't be, she dismissed it as just another erotic feeling. Her hips began the familiar rocking motion that his anal stimulation always induced. Dennis had introduced anal play and anal intercourse to Peggy. Perhaps it was the naturally dominant / submissive nature of such stimulation, or maybe just the fact that Peggy's sexuality had finally been fully awakened, in any case she had learned to love, even crave it, with him. Peggy never failed to have an extremely intense orgasm when he fucked her ass. She hoped that he would do that at least once before the weekend was over. She was beginning to hope he would do it right now. It was too late, she could feel him diapering her again, It was different than last night's diaper, It was obviously a disposable but it felt extremely thick, as he taped it in place and pulled the vinyl panties over the plastic lined paper. He had prepared these diapers days ago in anticipation of her arrival. This diaper was a large Attends adult disposable lined with a medium Attends with the backing removed. Two toddler-size Pampers with the backing removed lined the crotch. The resulting bulge looked like a big white balloon around her hips. He put her back into the Onsie she had been wearing the previous evening. The crotch snaps could barely reach around the huge pad between her legs. She waddled like a bow legged cowboy to the kitchen, never suspecting the reason for the extreme diapering


Daddy was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Little Peggy was sitting on a checkered blanket on the floor, surrounded by crayons, coloring pictures in her coloring book. She was holding a nippled bottle between her lips and sucking cool orange juice into her mouth. She needed to take her morning pee, but her adult toilet training still prevented her from the relaxed natural wetting that she and her lover desired. She had no worries about adequate absorption; her bottom was encased in a diaper so thick it looked like she was sitting in a pumpkin. She was acutely aware of a copious stream of seminal fluid and her own arousal seeping from her body and collecting in the tight crotch of the diaper. The slippery mess allowed her labia to slide against the front of the padding causing constant sexual stimulation.

Daddy Dennis was happily humming in the kitchen. He was preparing a special breakfast of pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. He brewed a pot of coffee for himself and prepared a toddler cup of tea for his baby. Every few minutes he would glance into the next room at his sweet little girl. Peggy was sitting up in a semi kneeling position now, she was trying to let go, trying to wet her diaper, but a very strange thing happened to her. Just as she was about to release her urine she felt another familiar sensation in her bowel. A slight rumble in her belly threatened to deliver more than just urine into the waiting folds of absorbent paper she was wearing. She immediately clenched all of her pelvic muscles. A wave of panic overcame her. She had not considered bowel movements while in diapers, and this one didn't feel very natural. Her stomach seemed a little crampy and she knew her calendar was right; her period was ten days ago. This could only be one thing.... She realized, as her Daddy bent to pick her up what he had done. The anal play earlier was more than play. Daddy had loaded her bottom with a laxative suppository! A mess in her diaper was inevitable and she was helpless to stop it! "Daddy!" she shouted in alarm, " You tricked me! Please let me use the potty, Daddy, Pleeeaseeeee." Her Daddy began to smile then laugh at her distress. " It will be OK darling girl. Just remember that I do love you very much, and anything that comes from you can not be a bad thing. Now, let's have breakfast." He carried her to the high chair and secured the tray ensuring her captivity, then settled down with a satisfied smirk as he began to cut her pancakes into little pieces and carefully feed her.

Peggy was determined to make it through breakfast without soiling herself and despite the cramps and almost overwhelming need to expel she managed to hold on through scrambled eggs, and pancakes. She washed her meal down with the decaffeinated tea with extra milk and sugar that was in the toddler cup. The warmth traveled down her throat and into her distended tummy and almost immediately triggered her need to urinate. Peggy was sure that she could control her need to defecate if she could just ease the pressure on her bladder. She concentrated on opening her urethra and began to saturate the disposable padding she wore. Daddy removed her bib and the tray from her chair, then wiped her face with a warm wash cloth. He lifted her from the chair and she was suddenly seized with another violent abdominal cramp, she went limp in his arms and moaned as the inevitable occurred in the seat of her pants. Daddy held her in his arms and softly murmured loving words in her ear while she helplessly expelled liquid and solid waste into a diaper for the first time since she was a 2-year-old. She was acutely embarrassed, no, mortified, that her Dominant lover would see her in this condition. Yet, he acted as if it were the most natural thing in the world to hold a diapered woman in his arms as she helplessly peed and shit herself. Only the sheer physical relief of letting go kept her in place in his arms. "You bastard, That was a nasty, sneaky thing to do to me!" Peggy whispered through gritted teeth as another spasm overwhelmed her anal sphincter. He smiled indulgently and replied, "You have broken character baby, you just earned another punishment. Now, let go and relax completely, I love you for the gift you are giving to me right now. I know you are totally helpless and embarrassed but please understand that this is exactly what I need from you. You are the perfect, submissive, baby girl and I promise you will feel better very soon."

Daddy held her in his lap and rocked her back and forth as her ordeal continued. An incredible feeling of helpless humiliation overwhelmed Peggy and she buried her head in his chest in an effort to hide her shame. He continued to reassure her that he wanted what was happening and that he considered her current degradation a very sensual gift. She knew that she could use her safe word to stop everything right now, she didn't like what was happening at all, yet she felt immensely at peace and vulnerable in his arms. She could detect her own unpleasant odor and was overcome again with shame and..."Oh my God," she thought...." excitement." Peggy was finally coming to grips with her true self, the humiliation, the abject submission to another person's will, the complete depravity of her situation all was combining to turn her on! She began to cry softly, her face nestled against the chest of a man she loved dearly, her thoughts, a jumble of conflicting emotion. He had told her many times that she was a perfect, natural, submissive. She could fight the truth no more. Realizing finally that this is exactly what she needed for her own emotional and sexual fulfillment, she broke into sobs. He said nothing, just continued to hold her in his arms. She looked up at her Daddy Dennis, her face streaked with tears and she whispered, "Thank you Daddy, Thank you for making me your baby girl and loving me. I understand now. I love you so." Dennis pressed his mouth to hers and responded with passionate kisses, "I love you, more." He said, and they kissed again.


She was lying on a changing pad on his bathroom floor. He was removing the disgusting mess between her legs. Peggy was glad he had turned on the bathroom fan. None of it seemed to faze Dennis at all. He seemed intent on cleaning her as best he could. Peggy was acutely embarrassed but resigned. She lay calmly, trying to stay in her subby-space, allowing him to minister to her need. The worst over, he sealed the dirty disposables in a plastic bag, and turned on the shower. Moments later she was again in his arms as the hot soapy water washed away the remnants of her shame. He spent a long time lathering her then carefully rinsing away the soap. He was careful to keep her hair dry having shampooed it last night. Finally she felt clean and fresh again and Dennis handed the cloth to Peggy. "Here darling, wash Daddy's back now." It was immensely satisfying to serve him in this way. It seemed entirely right for her to be aiding him with something as intimate as his own bath. She continued to scrub his chest, arms and legs and finally, emboldened by her own horniness she dropped both soapy hands to his groin and began to massage his hanging testicles and masturbate his growing penis. She stroked him until he was, once again, fully hard. She wanted to bring him to orgasm this way but he stopped her and pulled her into his arms for another passionate kiss. "Lets save that for later baby, I have plans for you today." She sat on the small bench in the shower as he shaved and rinsed then they dried each other before brushing their teeth and hair. Dennis placed a light satin robe on Peggy while she primped before the mirror, and reset her hair into the childish ponytails he desired. He dressed in a comfortable pair of shorts, sandals and a tee shirt proclaiming "Best Dad on Earth".

He was laying out her clothes when she finally emerged from the bathroom. They hugged and kissed again as he guided her onto the bed. He was unable to resist her fresh clean body and found himself kneeling between her open thighs once again as he licked and sucked her smooth, hairless pussy to multiple orgasms. Dennis was sure, he was absolutely addicted to the taste of her. Double, cloth diapers and a ribbed little girl vest followed the liberal application of baby magic lotion and powder. He pulled plastic lined, pink satin panties with rows of lacy ruffles on over the diaper. Finally he dressed her in an adorable yellow pinafore with a lacy white apron. The bib front combined with the vest made it look as if Peggy had no breasts at all. The lace-trimmed hem barely covered half of her frilly, diaper panty. A wide ribbon sash was tied around the waist and fashioned into a huge bow at the back. The effect was amazing. Peggy was transformed into a beautiful little toddler. Dennis's heart swelled with love and pride as he tied matching yellow bows in her childish hairstyle, then put lacy little anklets and adult sized Mary-Janes on her feet. There was no doubt that she was transformed into an adorable little girl, his submissive and sexy little girl.

"Come baby. We are going for a ride." He said. She gulped and responded, "A ride, I can't go out like this! There is no way, I ...." She was over his lap in an instant. At first he used his hand over the diaper but it was soon apparent that the double padding and ruffled seat were an effective deterrent to any real punishment. He could easily pull the slick, plastic lined panty to her knees but Peggy was amazed at how deftly he could unpin one side of the diaper and ruck it down onto her thighs to expose her bare bottom. His left hand gripped her right wrist; he easily controlled her movement over his knee.

The spanking began again in earnest and did not stop until she pleaded for an end, promising total obedience forever. She was not crying, but her demeanor was considerably more submissive as he forced Peggy to stand in a corner with the diapers and plastic panties bunched at her ankles. She was ordered to hold the dress high at her tummy to expose the pink cheeks of her ass and to put the thumb of her other hand in her mouth. She remained in position for about 5 minutes when she saw the flash of his camera, recording her chastisement. Ten minutes later she was again sitting in his lap as he cuddled and caressed her, telling her how much he loved his little girl and that he only spanked her because she did a naughty thing, he continually assured her that she herself was a very good little girl. Peggy resolved to really be good, she knew that she still "owed" him another punishment. She was not looking forward to a repeat performance.


Peggy was mortified when they pulled into the main entrance of the Marina. It was a Saturday morning in late August and the place was abuzz with activity. There were already many boats on the lake and the Marina personnel were launching additional boats as fast as they could. "I can't get out here like this!" she exclaimed. Dennis looked at her sharply, "That outburst just earned you another spanking young lady." He said. She opened her mouth to respond then thought better of it. Dennis knew that the chances of discovery were small. Most of the activity was several hundred feet to the right at the launch ramp. His boat was moored about 40 yards off shore directly in front of the relatively isolated dock where he had parked. He also knew that from a distance, Peggy's short and childish outfit could be taken for a ladies swimsuit cover-up. Of course, if you were close there was no doubt that Peggy was a diapered adult in a dress designed for a three-year old. Dennis was sure he could pull this off and he knew the humiliation that Peggy was feeling would be delicious for them both. "You wait here in the car baby, while Daddy gets the boat ready for a ride." He said, as he walked toward the dock. Peggy was beside herself thinking the whole world could see her. In her agitated state she had forgotten that all of Dennis's car windows were heavily tinted.

It took only a few minutes to row out to the moored pontoon boat. Dennis turned on the electrical system, primed the gas lines and got the 80 horsepower motor humming in just minutes. He removed the canvass from the front and back of the boat but left the side panels intact, knowing they would offer plenty of privacy. He unhitched the boat from the mooring ball, drifted off a few feet then smoothly glided the 24 footer toward the dock. An older couple was boarding their boat from the same dock but they pulled away as Dennis nudged the boat into place. He glanced at Peggy, still cowering in the car and took a last look around. Everyone on the ramp was preoccupied with the launching of a sleek cigarette boat. The noise was deafening. Dennis hated these boats; they were nothing but smoke, noise and show. He always assumed that the owners had very small penises, they obviously were trying very hard to prove something. He waved Peggy from the car. Her face was sheer panic as she climbed out of the Explorer, slamming the door behind her. She bolted across the lot and down the ramp, onto the dock and quickly ducked into the shelter afforded by the high canvass walls and roof of the pontoon boat. Dennis cast off the one line he had secured and began to laugh hysterically as he swung the boat out and into the lake. Peggy sat on the aft bench, as red as a beet, then she began to laugh also.

Despite the traffic on the river, Dennis had managed to find a secluded cove where he had anchored the boat. The fish finder was chirping merrily and he had already landed one nice Bass. Peggy was kneeling on the back seat, hidden from outside view by the motor compartment, she held a fishing pole in her hand as she intently watched the attached red and white bobber a dozen or so feet from the stern. Dennis had given her a rudimentary fishing lesson and had baited her pole with a big, fat, wiggley earthworm. He tried to concentrate on fishing but each time he looked to the rear of the craft he was overwhelmed with love for the beautiful little girl he possessed. From his vantage point, she looked like a big toddler. The frilly yellow dress only half covering her diaper clad bottom as she leaned over to peer at the bobber. Dennis wanted to grab Peggy and fuck her sweet pussy on the spot but he had other more perverse ideas in store first. He was beginning to feel the need to urinate and that gave him an evil idea.

With the eye of a dedicated fisherman he noticed the telltale twitch on Peggy's bobber. Yes, there it was again, a definite nibble. "Get ready Peggy girl, you are going to catch your first fish!" He said, as he dropped his own rod into the forward holder and strode back to her position. Just then the bobber disappeared under the surface. "Pull, baby, set the hook!" He shouted. Peggy jerked reflexively in reaction to the situation and was amazed to see her rod tip bend down and begin to move wildly. "It looks like a good size fish sweetheart," He said, now at her side, "start cranking honey and keep the line taught, don't let him have any slack. "I got one!" She squealed, "I have a bite!" she was reacting with all the glee of a real child catching their very first fish. Dennis was very happy to see this...and he was very turned on. It was if she had actually become a little girl again. "What should I do Daddy? He is taking the string faster than I can real it in." Dennis reached into her tiny little girl hand and tightened the drag on her reel, then he grabbed the net and leaned over the rail. "Keep cranking honey, you almost have him!" He said, as he scooped the net into the water just behind her quivering line. He was amazed as he lifted the net. Peggy had caught a beautiful small mouth Bass; he estimated it at 3 pounds at least. He hadn't caught one this nice himself. Peggy was practically jumping up and down in childish delight, shouting, "I caught a fish! I caught a fish!" "You sure have baby girl, and a nice one at that." He said as he deftly removed the hook. "Can I touch it Daddy?" She said in awe. "Yes honey, here, hold it like this, put your fingers in his mouth, he won't bite, that's it, wait...." He turned and pulled out a disposable flash camera and captured this special moment for them both. "OK Baby, we should let him go so you can catch him again another time." Pretty, Peggy leaned far over the rail and gently plopped the silvery fish back into the water. The fish hesitated a moment then turned and headed down with a splash of his tail. Her baby dress rode all the way up in the back revealing her ruffled covered plastic panties to Daddy's gaze. :" Oh, he splashed me!" She cried, " I guess he wanted to get even." The both laughed and he helped her wipe her hands then he baited her hook again.

Peggy went back to he original position, her sweet ass protruding from under the short little dress. Dennis could feel himself begin to stiffen, and he was reminded again of his need to pee. He approached Peggy from the rear and gave her a hug. Then pulled the back of her plastic panties out and pushed his hand down into her diaper. ""I'm still dry Daddy." She said. "Not for long baby girl." He replied, as he freed his semi erect cock from his pants. Her kneeling position was perfect. He stood behind her and tucked his dick down into the waistband of her plastic panties, the head of his penis nestled in the small of her back, the tip covered by a thick fold of cotton diaper material. "Don't move Peggy." he ordered. She let go of the rod, gripped the rail and bowed her head submissively. She responded meekly, "Yes Sir." His hands encircled her waist, holding the dress high above her hips. Then he closed his eyes and let it go. Peggy gasped as the first spurt of his urine began to trickle down the small of her back to be absorbed by the thick padding of her diapers. She was amazed at how hot his flow seemed against her skin and she was immensely turned-on by his sudden perverse behavior. He too, was turned-on and thrilled that this action had not resulted in her screaming that he was a disgusting pervert. In fact, Peggy reacted as if this were the most erotic thing she had ever felt. A dreamy expression came over her sweet countenance and she bit her lower lip as the warmth spread throughout her encased loins. Dennis was actually peeing into the diaper she was wearing and it was the most erotic and sensuous thing she had ever experienced. His grip on her tummy tightened as his flow began to ebb. Her body was actually vibrating with the overload of sensation. His spreading wetness triggered her own need. Peggy choked out a little cry as she felt her own bladder unexpectedly empty itself into the diaper. Dennis held he tightly when he realized what was happening. Peggy's body continued to vibrate and began to tremble as she reacted to the overdose of sexual stimulation with her first autoerotic orgasm. Dennis gently extracted himself from the back of Peggy's panties and slumped into the vinyl seat. Peggy melted into his arms, still breathing heavily from the experience. The boat gently rocked as they relaxed in one another's arms. A few moments later, Peggy looked down to notice his flaccid penis still hanging from the fly of his pants. She leaned down and gently took him into her mouth as she lovingly swallowed the last drops of urine clinging to the tip of his penis.


It was early afternoon when they returned home. The fish stopped biting after their tryst on the boat. It was just as well. Peggy and Dennis spent a long time cuddled together enjoying the quiet lapping of the water against the side of the gently rocking boat. Peggy was a saturated mess when they finally pulled the Explorer back into the garage. Dennis made a mental note to try to get an adult car seat to enhance Peggy's experience next time. They went immediately to the bathroom where he stripped off her wet diapers after carefully hanging up the pretty, yellow dress. They both jumped into the double shower where they lovingly lathered washed and rinsed each other. Dennis shaved and washed his hair while Peggy used the razor to touch up her bare crotch. It was still bright and warm when they emerged clean and fresh from the shower. The glow on Peggy's face was proof of her happiness. "Your eyes are incredibly blue right now, Daddy." She said to Dennis. "You know baby, those are mood eyes", he said with a grin, "The happier I am the more blue they get." This seemed preposterous but Peggy had seen it herself many times. Right now Dennis's eyes were as blue as she had ever seen them. That made Peggy very happy.

They jumped into the bed and embraced each other. His kisses rained on her face, neck, shoulder, and on to her breasts. He took a long time kissing, sucking, nibbling and licking her tiny breasts. His hand worked its way to her smooth, glistening pussy lips and began the familiar gentle stroking. He marveled again at how wet Peggy had become in such a short time. It seemed that their play had her in a constant state of moderate arousal. A few light touches and her libido was at fever pitch. He reached to the nightstand where he kept the Baby Magic and began to smoothly rub her bare crotch with the soothing pink lotion. His slippery hands traveled across her tummy, over her thighs, down between her legs to cup her buttocks and up again, to repeat the process. His left arm cradled her to him as his mouth devoured hers. Their tongues danced and entwined as he breathed into her. He wormed the slippery, middle finger of his right hand slowly into her rectum and spread his hand so that his thumb was directly over her clitoris. His kisses became more insistent; his finger probed and retreated, probed and retreated and probed again. His thumb rotated softly around the little nubbin at the top of her vagina, occasionally applying steady, rubbing pressure on the little bump. She could actually feel the blood rushing to her groin, swelling the lips of her pussy and filling the shaft of her clitoris. He could feel it now too, her clitty was standing at attention, pink and engorged with the blood of her hot desire. The motion continued, the kisses became more insistent, her breath came in gasps, her only source of air seemed to be from his own lungs. Her body began the uncontrollable shaking and trembling, which was becoming the hallmark of her more powerful orgasms, her back arched. Peggy screamed into his mouth, a long agony of pleasure, a choking, and cumming scream. The panting began; her orgasm peaked, subsided slightly then began again. He hadn't stopped at all, he didn't even slow down but continued to hold her in his strong embrace, fucking her ass with his longest finger as deeply as he could reach. His insistent thumb circling, stroking, pinching again and again over her most sensitive spot. Her nerve endings were in agony with pleasure, her body vibrating, eyes blankly staring, her hips thrusting against his strong hand. His thumb slipped off her clitty and penetrated the lips of her seething pussy. The convulsions began. Her body spasmed, completely out of control as a second then third and incredibly a fourth orgasm shorted-out her nervous system. Throughout it all, his motion continued. When he removed his mouth from hers she uttered a steady stream of incoherent profanity. : Fuck me Daddeeeeeeeeeee, fuck, fuck, Fuck your little girl's baby pussy Daddy, Fuck your little girl! Fuck, meeeeeee! Oh God, Oh God, Oh GodGodfuck, fuck I can't stand more of... this....I .... Oh, Jesus in heaven....Oh I ...fuckkkkkkkkk! Daddy!"

He couldn't believe it. She swooned. She passed out, blew a gasket. Peggy was out cold. His heart almost burst with pride. She had finally gone all the way to nirvana. His medical training took over immediately; she was breathing fine, if a little rapidly. He knew she would be O.K. in a few minutes.

Peggy came too with Dennis wiping her face with a cool damp cloth. He was pushing back the bangs on her forehead and the cool moisture felt so good. His face was very close to hers. He was smiling. His eyes were glowing and very, very blue. " Welcome back baby girl. I love you....more," he said. He held her awhile longer as her body came back to normal. "My turn now.", he said. His face left her field of view and she could feel him there, between her legs, his tongue was already scooping up the puddles of juice she had secreted during her orgasms. " Oh no, Dennis, I mean Daddy, I don't think I can take more. I don't think..." He looked up and said "You will baby, you have no choice." Then he bent to his task again and began to lap and suck the sweet nectar of her orgasm. He was in sheer heaven as he swallowed her emission. He moaned between her thighs and pushed his curling tongue as deeply as he could. Her taste intoxicated him; he could feel the pre-cum literally dripping from his dick. Peggy was sure that she could not attain another orgasm after the blockbuster that sent her to la-la land, but the stirrings began again as his tongue wormed and squirmed around inside of her slippery sheath. This was different, less intense but deeper inside, almost more ...fulfilling.

Dennis could deny his own need no longer. She felt him hoist her legs high in the air and spread her ankles as far as he could reach. Then his cock, hot and hard, slid smoothly through her thighs and lodged deep inside of her being. He paused a few minutes and wiped his glistening mouth on the back of his hand. The he began a slow, smooth, gliding motion of his hips. Each stroke was incredibly slow, but deep and long. He continued this for a long time. His hands held her ankles and forced her legs back against her chest her knees widely splayed. He could feel the coolness of the air on his soaking prick on the out-stroke, then the incredible heat of Peggy's vagina as he slowly sunk inward. His penis was buried to the hilt in her body. He had never, ever felt her, this open, this relaxed. He could feel the tip of his cock pressed against the mouth of her uterus. Dennis knew that when he came, his powerful jets of his semen would be injected directly into Peggy's womb. He fantasized about getting her pregnant with his baby. Her hips were gently rocking with his motion. Her arms were around his back. Their faces, just inches apart as they stared into each other's eyes. Peggy knew what he needed, " Cum in me Daddy. "She said, " Cum inside your baby girl and make another baby. Please Daddy cum inside me, fill me! " Her lascivious suggestion was the trigger he was waiting for. His tempo increased as he grunted these words, "Here it comes baby, Daddy is going to cum in your womb. Daddy is going to make a baby in your belly. Daddy is going to fill you so full of his love seed, his sperm are going to swim right up....inside... of... your... sweet....little...girl...belly....right....nowwww! His penis began helplessly jerking and spewing forth the essence of his love for this beautiful sweet girl. His orgasm triggered hers as he collapsed in her arms. Peggy felt the pleasure wash over her in gentle waves. This was unlike the other orgasm. This was deeper, gentler, almost more fulfilling. This is what woman was made for, she thought, to nurture a man through.... this. Peggy locked her legs around his back as she cried and kissed him again and again. Dennis was lost helplessly in overwhelming orgasm. His entire being was centered on his spasming penis. But his mind was inside of hers. They felt the same thing, they felt it together. They both knew, without a doubt that they were very much in love.

They napped in each other's arms, content, satiated and very much in love. She woke to Dennis cleaning her bottom and vaginal are with a warm cloth. Then he liberally sprinkled baby powder around her diaper area, but instead of diapering her he was pulling a pair of strange panties up her legs. They looked like the waterproof vinyl pants you would pull on over diapers but these were padded. They were training panties! Dennis had purchased them especially for a special occasion when his baby girl could be a bit more grown up. They were softly lined with the same absorbent diaper material and Dennis had placed a gell-doubler in the nearly inch thick crotch. Peggy had to admit they were more comfortable than diapers.

"OK darling," he said, how about if you and I go out to a nice restaurant and have some dinner?" Her face took on an immediate look of alarm, imagining humiliating exposure in a public restaurant so close to his home. He began to laugh. "It's OK Peggy, you may dress in your regular adult clothes, your little sun dress would be perfect, and I am suspending the talking rules for a few hours too. It will be nice to have an intelligent, adult conversation with the woman I am in love with. Of course your training panties stay on under your street clothes, you never know when that little girl might return and cause an accident."


Dinner was a delightful affair at the Black Angus restaurant. The Jack Daniel's tasted wonderful to Peggy. It was good to be able to drink something from a glass for a change. Their steaks were perfect, and Peggy indulged Dennis with his Oyster appetizer. Lingering over coffee, they laughed about the first time they had gone there. They were in big trouble that night, but it was all behind them now. Dennis sat and listened to Peggy as she talked about work, her dreams for her children and some industry news. He marveled again at how complete this person sitting in front of him was. She had wit, intelligence, classic beauty and a dynamite body. She could hold her own with corporate clients, had an artistic eye and managed a crisis, at home, every day. Yet, in his arms she was a totally submissive, sweet, little, baby, slave girl. There was no doubt in his mind. She was so easy to love.

Home again, it had been a very busy but fulfilling day. They wasted no time in getting to bed, carefully undressing each other. Dennis was pleased to find her trainers just a little bit damp. She had been a good girl. He pulled her close and fitted his penis between her legs. She was wet as usual and he slipped gently inside of her once again. They made quiet, passionate love for the next twenty minutes. They came together, facing each other side by side, her left leg over his, their arms entwined. They fell asleep connected. It wasn't until 2 AM the he awoke and gently diapered a soundly sleeping Peggy. Dennis was overwhelmed with love as she slept contentedly in his protective arms.

He woke at 6 Am. An hour later he had prepared the things he would need for the next phase of their weekend fantasy. He had also prepared breakfast, a sausage and egg casserole that was warming in the oven. Peggy still slept, dry and warm in her Daddy's big bed. Sunlight was streaming through the window; he was sitting next to the bed watching her. Watching Peggy sleep was one of his favorite past times. She looked so sweet and innocent; lying on her side, diapered, her tiny fist close to her mouth as if to suck her thumb. Loving this beautiful and compliant creature was so easy for him. All his life he had searched for a woman who could be what Peggy was to him. A cool professional by day, a submissive baby slave by night. She was the perfect combination of innocence and decadence.

Dennis woke his sleeping baby girl with a gentle kiss. He caressed her cheek and kissed her lips again and again. Peggy stirred and responded immediately, kissing back, then pulling away. It was obvious to her that he had already washed and brushed his teeth. She felt icky and was embarrassed that her breath was not as sweet. "Don't pull away darling girl," he said, "I love the taste of you just as you are." She relaxed and held him close as he continued to kiss her face, stroke her hair and lick the sleep from her eyes. How he loved this control, this overwhelming sense of power. "He handed Peggy a baby bottle filled with orange juice and he sat on the edge of the bed, cupping her cheek as she slowly suckled the nipple. His hand wandered to the diaper, still dry on her hips. "You are still dry baby, that's naughty, you know that you are supposed to wet your diapers." She kept her eyes downcast waiting for what would come next. "Does Daddy need to punish you for not being a wet and good girl, baby? Actually Daddy still owes you two punishments from yesterday, doesn't he? " She had hoped he would forget, she should have known better. "Yes Daddy, you owe me two punishments." She said meekly. "And why does your Daddy punish you, baby?" he asked. "Daddy punishes me because I don't always do what I am suppose to, and he punishes me so I won't forget what to do." When Daddy punishes me he shows me that he really loves me. If he didn't love me he wouldn't take the time to correct my behavior, he would just ignore me." She was very proud of her reply. "Why else does daddy punish you darling?" he prodded. "Sometimes Daddy punishes me just because it pleases him and makes him happy." She said sheepishly. "That's right darling, and do you deserve the two punishments that you have already earned?" he asked. "Yes Daddy, I do." She whispered. "Are you suppose to have a dry diaper on right now Peggy?" He asked. "No Daddy it should be wet, but..." she hesitated. "Should Daddy punish you for being too adult and being dry baby?" Dennis asked. "Yes, I suppose so" she said, her head hanging low. "So you have earned 3 punishments. Do you think you can take 3 spankings in one day?" he prodded. Peggy thought for a moment, then replied, "I guess so, but I think I will be very sore." He had her where he wanted her now; "I will give you a choice baby." He said, "Three spankings today, One now, on at lunch and another at dinner. All on your bare backside until you cry. Or, Daddy will punish you just once this morning with a spanking and enemas, that punishment will make up for all three spankings."

Peggy contemplated this new option. She was dreading three separate sessions over his knee, but she knew that he was devious enough to devise an alternative punishment which could be ten times more painful and humiliating then the spankings. More importantly, when she knew a punishment was coming she was uneasy with the feeling that he was displeased with her. He was very loving, after a punishment session but remained in "Master mode" for a long time before a session. Peggy hated more than anything to be displeasing to Dennis. She dreaded the distant coolness of his "Master Mode". Peggy decided that she would opt for the bigger but single punishment. Dennis then gave her one additional choice. She could get it over with now or wait till after breakfast. She opted for getting it over with.

She became visibly upset when she saw him open the pouch with the bardex enema nozzle. Though he had given her more enemas than she could count during their relationship he had only used the bardex nozzle on her once before and it had hurt terribly. Dennis knew that in reality the bardex was not painful. It could be uncomfortable, depending on the fill, retention time and inflation, but if used gently it could actually be pleasant. The nozzle itself was a scary looking thing to Peggy. He knew it frightened her and he used it sparingly, precisely because it did frighten her so much.

Constructed of surgical rubber tubing about 3/8 inches in diameter the bardex comes in a single and double version. The tubing expands into a balloon at the end of the nozzle and in the double version there are two balloons spaced about an inch apart. The tubing is inserted into the rectum and the first balloon is inflated with air to about the size of a plum, thus locking the nozzle into the rectum. The second balloon is inflated, just outside the anal sphincter preventing the catheter from moving up the bowel. The arrangement effectively seals the rectum and totally prevents expulsion, either voluntary or involuntary. "Oh no Daddy, please not that, please." She responded, already in a panic. "Quiet baby, you know that you have no choice. Instead of three spankings you will receive 3 punishment enemas including a bardex enema. you will take your medicine like a good girl and I will help you get through it. If you obey me completely it will not be as bad as you think. You may even enjoy it."

He placed an additional waterproof pad on the bed and instructed Peggy to roll over onto her tummy. Reluctantly, she obeyed. He immediately slapped her diapered bottom hard, and her hands flew instinctively to cover her butt. "There will be no more hesitation or disobedience young lady. Since you cant control your hands I suppose we will have to bind you for this process too!" he shouted. "Oh Daddy, please I promise. I'll be good, please daddy I am sorry I will obey I promise." She pleaded. "Shhh, that is enough! You know you need this. You have agreed. There will be no more discussion.," he said sharply.

He went to a drawer and removed a wide, white, leather belt. H e passed the belt around her waist ad buckled it at the small of her back. Riveted to the belt at each side were two leather wrist cuffs. Peggy did not resist when Dennis pulled her arms straight down at her sides and secured her wrists into the locking cuffs. She lay now on he tummy, clad only in a diaper. A two-inch wide leather belt around her waist, her arms restrained at her side. The picture was perfect. Peggy and Dennis indulged in bondage frequently but they seldom had the time or opportunity to combine diaper and bondage play. Dennis snapped a few pictures of his bound baby slave.

Peggy was a mass of emotions. The weekend had been so loving and gentle to this point. Now Dennis was in "Master mode" which always made her just a little uneasy. She was bound, helpless, face down on his bed; she could feel him unpinning the cloth diaper at her hips. She was being punished. She knew that over the next hour or so she would be subjected to at least three enemas. And probably some spanking. She knew he could make them extremely painful or mildly unpleasant or wonderfully titillating, depending on his mood.

She was helpless and bound, and beginning to become aroused. Bondage always aroused her and she cursed her own body for betraying her. She was helpless and enemas, even after the dozens she had received at his hand were always humiliating. She knew he "owed her a punishment" and that afterward he would be exceptionally loving and gentle. She also knew deep down, that he would never really hurt her, this was for his own pleasure more than for her punishment. She knew too, that she secretly loved to be treated this way.

She felt him sit on the bed at her side and he sprinkled some baby powder on her back. He was gently rubbing her back from shoulders to the tip of her spine. Her diaper was unpinned and bunched between her thighs. Occasionally, his hand rubbed across her firm little bottom cheeks, then up her spine to rub her back and shoulders some more. The sensation was relaxing and mildly arousing. Dennis gazed down at Peggy. Overwhelmed by her docile nature and her absolutely natural obedience. He knew she was anxious about what was to happen and he had planned all the while to be gentle but that would be his secret. He continued to stroke her, calming her. Speaking softly, telling her that this was for her own good. What a lie! This was for his pleasure and he knew it. It was all a ruse to prepare her for the as fucking he had been anticipating all along. It did not matter. Peggy would obey and accept and he would reward her for her acceptance and obedience. He left the bed to prepare a few things. She could hear the water running in the bathroom. He reemerged with the 2 quart red bag, bulging with liquid. She could see soap suds brimming over the top opening. He hung the bag on a hook, about 3 feet above the bed. "Spread your legs baby." he ordered. She hesitated only a moment but it was long enough for him to rain two sharp smacks on her now bare behind. She resolved to move more quickly in the future. His finger dipped into a small can of Crisco and picked up a dollop of the white greasy stuff. His finger was at her asshole, smearing the grease around her tight little sphincter. His finger pushed past the barrier and slowly wormed its' way into the intimate recess of her body. She could feel his greasy digit sawing in and out of her rectum. He scooped up another dollop of grease and repeated the procedure, worming and twisting his finger deep inside his baby girl's heiny. He greased the nozzle hanging from the bag and slowly inserted it into her sweet bottom. He had chosen a small dildo nozzle, about 4 inches long it tapered at each end but was about an inch in diameter in the middle. There was just a very slight resistance as the pucker of her anus swallowed the intruder. He released the clamp and the water began to flow. Peggy jumped at the sudden invasion of liquid into her rectal canal. The water was very warm, almost hot; she could feel it warm her intestine as it gurgled into her. She began to moan and clench her cheeks and he slowed the flow in response. They had performed this little ritual often enough that he could read her responses. "Oh Daddy, "she moaned, "it's too much, I have to go." He clamped off the flow, the bag still half full. "Roll onto your left side honey, everything will be just fine." He reassured her. He gave her a little push, her restraints making this movement very difficult. "That's my good girl, now bend your right Knee up high, that's it", he soothed. This new position removed the pressure from her tummy and seemed to suddenly open up her intestines to the invading water. He reached across her side and began to massage her swollen tummy. There was no cramping yet, just pressure. He opened the valve and the warm torrent began again. The bag was nearly empty when she began to pant like a puppy. He removed the nozzle and immediately inserted a greased super sized tampon into her ass. She could feel the tampon suddenly bloom like a rose, effectively plugging her, when it contacted the hot soapy water. He rolled Peggy to her back and began again to gently massage her tummy. She was beginning to cramp but all in all he was being very gentle.

"You will retain this for 5 minutes young lady." he said as he set a kitchen timer on the headboard. The first minutes seemed like hours to Peggy as she lay in the bed and fought for control. Waves of mild cramps gripped her, he must have use a lot of soap she thought. He tummy was bloated; she looked 4 months pregnant. Then he was there, between her legs, licking and sucking, his tongue worming into her pussy like the nozzle had invaded her rectum. She was caught in a conflict of emotions and sensations. The pleasure of his mouth and the discomfort of retaining two quarts of hot soapy water deep in her belly. When the timer rang he stopped. She had not cum, but he had brought her very close. He gently helped her up from the bed; she could hardly walk the few feet to the bathroom. She sat, he reached between her legs and suddenly pulled the tampon string, she immediately exploded into the bowl. An overpowering smell wafted to her nose as a stream of water and shit forced its way into the porcelain bowl. He reached back and flushed and her ordeal continued. Peggy was helplessly shitting and pissing as she sat with her arms bound at her side. Dennis was kneeling next to her, caressing her face, breast and tummy, softy saying. " That's my good girl. Let's get all that bad stuff out of your body. We are going to make you nice and clean inside and out. That's my good girl, let it all go, Daddy will fix everything and you will feel very good. " He flushed the toilet again. "Are you done baby?" He asked. " I'm not sure Daddy." She replied, happy that her first enema was almost finished. "Stand up Peggy. " he ordered. He guided her to her feet, then massaged her tummy a moment before she suddenly sat again, another wave of waste pouring from her body. He left her then while he prepared for her second enema.

A few moments later he again asked. "Are you done now?" She was more sure of her reply this time, "I think so, Daddy." she said. He reached for the toilet paper and began to wipe her bottom; he repeated the procedure several more times. Peggy, her arms restrained at her side, was mortified that this man was cleaning her most intimate spot. She marveled at how anyone could love another person enough to want to do this. He had her bend over and finished with a warm soapy washcloth, then he led her to the bed.

He climbed into the bed and held her in his arms. He bottom tingled and her tummy was just a little tender. He took her into his arms, kissing and caressing her. "That's my girl, he said softly, one down two to go. We have to rinse the soap out, or you will have cramps all day long." He stated. He lifted Peggy in his arms and smoothly turned her over his lap as he sat on the corner of the bed. She found herself, hands still restrained, facedown, over his knee like an errant child. "I can't resist spanking you just a little honey, but frankly this is more for my pleasure than for your chastisement." He said honestly. Peggy grimaced, she knew it would hurt either way. He held her by the hip with his left hand then began lightly spanking her with his right. The spanking was not as hard as some he had given her, just enough to sting her backside. His hand peppered her ass, from her upper thighs to he lower back. He spanked until the entire area was a nice shade of pink and Peggy was beginning to squirm on his lap uncontrollably. Finally he stopped, she sighed with relief then felt his greasy middle finger sliding into her rectum. He was lubricating her again.

He spread his legs so her tummy was suspended between them. This would minimize the pressure on her colon and make it easier for her intestines to absorb the water. He was using a bulb syringe now, with a modified douche nozzle. The nozzle slid deep into her anus and he squeezed the bulb firmly and smoothly delivering about 6 ounces of water to her colon. He withdrew the nozzle, refilled the syringe from a shallow pan, and repeating the process, slid the nozzle home to deliver another stream of clear cool water deep into her dark passage. Dennis marveled at how her little anus twitched and clenched each time he withdrew the plastic nozzle. He applied a bit more Crisco to her sphincter then repeated the process again and again a total of 6 times. She was panting when he finished. He said, "Your naughtiness has been relatively mild this weekend, as a result I am not going to spank you again now. But if had you been less pleasing I would have had to paddle you ass while you retain this enema. You may go and relieve your self." He effortlessly flipped her to her feet and Peggy walked unsteadily to the bathroom. Her expulsion was less violent now and the effluent had only a slight yellow tinge. Sure that she was empty, he again carefully cleaned her bottom and directed her back to the bedroom.

"I am clean now Daddy, we don't really need the bardex." She said hopefully. "I'll decide what you need and when you need it. Now lay down!" He said with a mild edge to his voice. Peggy lay on her belly, waiting for the inevitable. Her bottom was getting sore and he seemed extremely pleased with himself as he puttered around, gathering things for the next phase. "Your bottom looks a little inflamed baby. Is your heiny sore?" He asked. "Yes Daddy, just a little sore where you stick the nozzle up my tushy." She replied submissively. He opened a drawer and removed a small tube of white gel. He applied a dab to his finger and began to massage it into her little hole. He repeated the process a second time inserting a dollop of the cream into her inflamed anal sphincter. Almost immediately the sting she was feeling vanished. "Ooooo, that's nice Daddy, what is it? She asked. " Its is an anesthetic cream sweetheart. " he replied. He liberally coated the bardex tubing with KY jelly and pushed the deflated rubber hose deep into Peggy's sweet little bottom. "Oh, that's not so bad Daddy, I can hardly feel it." She said. " That is because of the anesthetic sweetheart, but you may feel this, now relax, don't tighten up or this will hurt." He said as he attached the squeeze bulb to the airline for the internal balloon. He gave the bulb a quick squeeze, then another. "Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy! Daddy!

"Just relax baby! Don't fight it." He paused, he knew that the bulb was only inflated to the size of a golf ball, and while she would feel the pressure on her intestinal wall there would be no real pain. He squeezed again very slowly and she groaned, "Oh God, please, enough." He clamped off the airline and switched the inflation bulb to the exterior balloon. A few quick squeezes and the brown, rubber, exterior, balloon was inflated between her upper thighs, effectively sealing her Sphincter muscle fore and aft.

"Roll over to your back baby, bend your knees bring your ankles up to the back of your ass cheeks." He said. She turned and he could see a tear in her eye. Dennis bent over the obedient girl and kissed away the salty teardrop. His mouth traveled lower, kissing her lips, suckling her breasts, kissing her tummy and lingering over her clitoris. He pleasured her for several minutes until she forgot about the discomfort of her situation. Her hands, still restrained at her sides made useless fists as he touched and caressed her body. The tan rubber balloon and a foot of rubber hose dangled from her ass like an obscene tail. The rubber enema bag hung empty above her head. He carefully measured 16 ounces of water into the bag. He primed the hose to prevent filling her with unnecessary air and clamped off the flow; then he connected it to the bardex. She was puzzled; she had never seen him measure an enema before. He produced a bottle of Vodka and carefully poured four shots into a glass, then he added 4 shots of water and a teaspoon of salt. Peggy was amazed when he poured this mixture into the top of the enema bag. He gave the bag a squeeze to mix the contents then settled down and began to kiss and caress her once again. He was very gentle and loving now. Peggy was just a bit frightened about the mixture he obviously planned to pump into her ass. She did a calculation in her head, 24 ounces of liquid, four of which were alcohol, Vodka was 80 proof that means it is 40% alcohol, one-sixth of the mixture was alcohol that meant the total solution was around 7 or 8 % total alcohol. That did not seem too high. The volume, 40 ounces, was less then half of her first 2-quart enema. She wondered if it would burn.

He was cupping her face and speaking softly to her. "It won't sting baby, I promise. I think you will like it. I am going to make you retain this solution for a little while and those four shots are going to go right into your bloodstream. You are going to get very tipsy very fast. You will be quite helpless." He released the valve and she could feel the solution filling her abdomen. Dennis softly rubbed her tummy as the bag drained. He clamped off the bardex then disconnected the enema tubing. He quickly put away the apparatus then began to diaper Peggy in a double disposable with extra soakers. He pulled pink vinyl pants on over the disposable and helped Peggy to a sitting position. The bardex tubing protruded out of one leg of the diaper with small clamps attached to the two air valves and the main hose. She felt very full and the balloon inside her rectum made her feel that evacuation was inevitable but she knew it would be impossible until he removed the clamps on the valves. "Hands up, baby, " he said as he lowered a childish maternity top dress over her shoulders. She felt just a little woozy as he pulled the dress over her head. "Let's get you some breakfast, darling," he said as he led her downstairs to the kitchen, and put her in the highchair. " The more you relax the easier it will be to retain the solution, Peggy," he instructed. "How do you feel? He asked. "I feel ...O...K she said, I fink." He removed a casserole from the oven. It was one of his favorites made of eggs, sausage and bread with a mushroom soup base. He fed Peggy slowly, a little spoonful at a time and allowed her to drink from a baby bottle of orange juice. She thought breakfast was delicious but seemed to be having some trouble making her mouth move right. It was a good thing she had a bib on, she thought to herself. Her plate was almost empty; she was seized with a mild cramp. "Dadthy, I think I need to go potthy." She slurred. "Soon baby girl, I will let you relieve yourself soon. " he said, noting that the alcohol enema was working fine. She finished her breakfast and he cleaned her face then helped her down from the chair. Peggy was surprised when the room spun around her and she had to sit down on the floor. "Dadthy, da rooms movin', Da make it schtop." She slurred. He lifted Peggy in his arms and carried her up the stairs to the bedroom. He removed the restraint belt and wrist cuffs then opened the two clamps pinching the balloon air tubes. The balloons deflated with a hiss but Peggy was now beyond recognition. She stared stupidly at Dennis as he tugged on the exposed end of the tubing and it slid from the confines of her diaper. "Da...Denis...I fink I'm dunk, I mean druk., you no wat I mean." She was practically incoherent now. He had to chuckle. Well, he thought, "I wanted her to be totally dependent, now she is. " Dennis sat back against the headboard and took Peggy into his arms. He kissed he but her response was sluggish and sloppy. "Let it go baby" he prompted. She had not realized that she was fighting to be obedient, even in her drunken state and with the bardex plug removed she was still retaining the solution. "Let it out, honey." He ordered. She smiled a sick grin and buried her face in his chest as she expelled gas and the enema solution into the waiting folds of the disposable diaper. There was no smell at all, after the previous clean out Dennis knew that her expulsion would be mostly clear water. She looked drunkenly into his eyes and said, "da, Am peein too." "Let it all go baby, Daddy is here to love and protect you." He said as he rocked her in his arms and kissed her face. He hoped that her drunken state would wear off by the end of the day.

Some time later, he changed her into a fresh clean cotton diaper. It was difficult to control her; she was getting a little silly and kept pulling the diaper away before he could pin it into place. The played some more and giggled a lot. It was a lovely morning, and after a while they dozed contentedly in one-another's' embrace.

Refreshed from the nap Dennis woke as hard as rock. His sleeping Peggy was a beautiful sight. A full-grown woman dressed in diapers and a short maternity top, which resembled a child's jumper. Her face was the picture of innocent contentment. He placed her thumb into her mouth and she began to rhythmically suck in her drunken sleep. He took another picture. He gently kissed her awake. She seemed much more coherent now but was extremely mellow. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close. She had regained the ability to kiss! Dennis wanted one thing now, the thing which belonged only to him and no one else. It was time to fuck Peggy's sweet ass. The hours of anal play, the preparatory enemas, the relaxation of the alcohol were all just a prelude to the main event that was about to unfold. Their kisses became more and more passionate, his caress more insistent. Peggy responded in-kind and soon they were both naked as they rolled entwined on the big bed. As usual Dennis's mouth eventually found it s way to his baby girls smooth pussy. His tongue devoured her in the heat of his passion. He ate her to several orgasms, his well-greased finger sawing in and out of her anus simultaneously. As she mounted the crest toward the fourth orgasm he removed his finger and replaced it with his well greased but steel hard prick. There was only a moment of resistance by her anal muscle then the head of his penis popped inside her sweet, tender ass. Peggy gasped and her eyes grew wild. He held position, not moving, allowing her to become accustomed to the rectal intrusion. He could feel her ass twitching around his cockhead. He gritted his teeth, the sensation nearly overwhelming. "It's OK my love", she purred" I'm ready. Fuck my ass Daddy, Fuck my ass deep." He needed no further invitation as he allowed his pole to slide smoothly into her warm, clinging rectal passage. The in and out motion began, he knew he would not hold out long. This was his heaven. This was the Mother of all sexual sensations. Plunging your, steel hard, greasy cock deep into the sweet, clean, receptive ass of the woman you love, while she chants into your ear, "Oh yes Daddy. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck my little asshole. Fuck your baby's ass Daddy. This is yours; my ass is yours exclusively. No man will ever fuck my ass but you, my darling Daddy Dennis. Please cum in my ass, Cum in your little girls ass. Please Daddy, cum in my little ass now!" The verbal stimulation and the sweet, tender tissues wrapped around his cock forced him over the edge. Peggy could feel his penis suddenly grow larger, fatter, and much harder. With a roar he erupted in Peggy's clenching asshole. The first spurt of hot jism triggered her orgasm as well. They both convulsed through a monumental climax as spurt after sticky hot spurt of thick white seed roped again and again deep into her empty bowel. Dennis felt like his entire being was being pulled out of the end of his penis by the sucking, clutching rectum milking his balls dry. The orgasm lasted forever and they collapsed exhausted and sweaty together. Sometime in their sleep his flaccid but happy penis slithered out of her clutching rectum.


It was early afternoon when they woke, happy and satiated. They showered together again and Dennis once more lovingly dressed his little girl. He asked her if she thought she was ready to be a big girl yet and she replied that she would have to be soon. He put her in thick cotton training panties instead of diapers.

They spent the afternoon curled together on his sofa watching another fantasy movie. This one a silly comedy called The Princess Bride. They laughed together, kissed and told each other that they were never happier, never more in love. Later they shared a Jack Daniel's and snacked on cheese, crackers and smoked salmon while sitting in the hot tub. All in all the weekend was perfection. The time arrived for Peggy to return. Time to go back to the reality of their lives. What they had lived for the past 48 hours was a fantasy. The happiest time of their lives was unfortunately not permanent. She was compelled to return to her real life. He was compelled to return to his.

Peggy insisted on giving her Daddy a going away present. As he sat on the edge of the hot tub she slowly and lovingly took his flaccid penis in her hand and began to lovingly suck and lick at his growing organ. Her fellatio technique had always been superb but this blowjob was her best. Peggy coaxed his member into full hardness then set about to drain his balls a final time as she rhythmically jacked and sucked. The feeling was exquisite as Dennis began to explode into her sweet face. He looked down into his lap, he knew he was fully hard, but Peggy's face was pressed tight against his pubic hair. The tip of his penis was lodged deep in her throat. He could feel her swallow as he ejaculated again and again. This woman was heaven. He knew that he would do what ever he had to do to be with his Peggy again and again. She was a fantastic lover but sex was more than sex with her. This was true love.


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