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STORIES Story 52

part 1 - Motorbike Wetting

By BigGirl 23

I'm a 23-year old German girl.

Three weeks ago we made a tour through Europe with our motorbikes.

"We" are five male friends and I.

I was the only girl, and that was my first big tour.

At the planning of the tour meeting, I forgot something to tell to the others:

I have a very small bladder.

The first day was okay.

It was cloudy and so it was not very hot.

We started at 8:30 am and drove until 6 pm, with a break about every two and a half hours.

But, the second day was very hot.

Everyone drank very much in the first break, which was at 11 am.

Then we all went to the toilet before getting back on the road, myself included.

After about one hour of driving, my bladder again started sending signals to my brain.

I had to go to the loo.

I hate my small bladder !!

After a half hour more the pressure on my bladder got so strong that my pee was almost impossible to hold.

What should I do ?

I was driving behind the others, so I couldn't give someone the signal to stop for a small break.

Of course we all had mobile phones with us, but how should I call someone while biking ?

I could do nothing about the need to go the restrooms.

A little spot came out of my peehole.

I wore tight jeans, a t-shirt and a leather jacket.

As time went on, more and more urine came out of my bladder.

It soaked my panties and after some seconds I could see a small spot of piss in my crotch.

I got embarrassed.

I was a 23-year-old-girl who wet herself !

I tried to stop pissing, but it was impossible.

Soon my crotch and my feet were completely soaked - and, of course, the seat of my motorbike too.

But the wetter I got, the better it felt to wet myself.

I really enjoyed it !

I couldn't believe it, but that was reality !

As we stopped the next time the sun had dried my jeans and bike again completely and none of my friends could tell that I had had an accident.

Everyone drank a lot and went to the toilets before we left the rest area - except me.

I had to go to the toilets too, but I wanted to feel the feeling again that I had when I wet myself an hour ago.

So, after driving about half an hour again, I felt the urge to pee.

I easily let it go.

And it was again a very horny feeling.

So I continued doing this every single day of the tour and the feeling was unbelievable- every time !

And nobody ever noticed what I did.

You should try it too...

Part 2 - The Ikea Couch-Bed

So I have a small bladder, but I had never before wet my bed.

The stories on some adult websites made me horny when reading about others doing this.

I'm single and have my own flat, so there is no problem with a boyfriend or with parents, so I decided to give it a try.

Last Saturday night I stayed at home to do just that.

I didn't want to wet my expensive mattress, not with my first bed-wetting.

In my living room is a couch, which I am able to turn into a bed.

Perhaps you know IKEA- that's where it is from.

I made a bed and put a fresh blanket and a fresh pillow on it.

After that I took some bottles of water and a little bit to eat from the kitchen, first stopping at the toilet for a poop.

Then I changed my clothes.

At night, I mostly wear only panties and a very long t-shirt, no bra or anything else.

Afterwards I went to bed in the living room and switched on the TV, it was about 9 pm.

I watched TV, eat and drank something for about an hour and a half.

I lay on my back so that I could see the TV.

It was about half past 10 pm when I felt a little urge to pee.

I held it in, because I was afraid of wetting my bed.

After a half hour I could hardly hold the pressure (you know, my small bladder).

I thought that I could always just go to toilet, but I didn't- besides I was at a very exciting part of the television movie.

So I easily relaxed my bladder muscles and my urine flushed out into my panties, soaked them and the bed completely.

It was a wonderful feeling !

I was wet, of course on my crotch, panties, and butt as well as on the t-shirt- all around my crotch area.

Of course, the bed was very wet too.

I loved the feeling, so I stayed lying there and continued watching television.

I drank another several glasses of water again and shortly after midnight I peed the bed again.

The thrilling feeling was back !

I was very tired so I turned off the television and turned myself to the right (so that I was lying on my right side, do you know what I mean ?).

This is the position I always get in to sleep.

Then I spent a short time rubbing my pussy, just teasing myself, but not to an orgasm.

Then I felt into a deep sleep in my very wet bed.

I awoke at 9 am on Sunday with a very strong urge to pee.

The bed was still damp.

I relieved myself completely by wetting the bed again.

While peeing, I rubbed my pussy with my left hand and massaged my nipples with the right hand.

Soon after finishing pissing I had a HUGE orgasm !

It was an unbelievable feeling.

I was lying in a very wet bed having a wonderful orgasm...

After half an hour, I stood up and went into the bathroom and took a shower - with my panties and my t-shirt, because they were very wet.

Then I pulled them off and rubbed myself again, having a second orgasm.

It was a lovely start for the day !

After the shower I made breakfast - naked as I was.

The sun had warmed up my flat, so it wasn't cold.

While eating I was thinking about the night before, and wondering if it was right, that a 23-year old girl wet her bed.

But I remembered the wonderful feeling and knew it wouldn't be the last time that happened.

Maybe next time I will try out some adult diapers...

BigGirl 23

............The END...........