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Story 47

Meeting a bedwetter

At an inopportune moment, she was thrown out of the bliss of dreams and into the rumbling of a beast’s high pitched yelps.

These rumbles of voice happened at regular intervals, and it was a long moment before she realized that it was not a beast but the digital alarm clock on her bedside table.

In a somewhat uninspired move, Genie smacked the clock off the table where the chord caught and was pulled out of the wall, thus killing the time before she had the insight to take time to set it again.

Instead she lay draped among the sheets staring at the sun filtered roof with a slight anger, wanting desperately to drift back into the comforts that sleep always procured.

However she suddenly remembered why she had set her alarm so early in the morning, and suddenly threw the comforters off her body and smoothed her nightgown down as she raced to the window of her room.

Pulling up the blinds to the courtyard of the campus revealed the sight she had seen every morning since last month.

Her uncharacteristic fandom was to a girl that always walked across the courtyard in the mornings, toward the cafeteria which opened approximately thirty minuets after the girl opened it.

Genie’s reasons for watching the girl were based on an unnatural attraction to her, her grace, long red hair, and green eyes.

Genie was admittedly bi-sexual, though she wasn’t often attracted strongly to her own gender, and was somewhat surprised by this girl.

‘So why can’t I go talk to her?’ Genie mentally berated herself, turning to her bed sadly.

It really didn’t take much reasoning to figure out why Genie was so avidly opposed to a social life, one needed only to look at her sheets every morning.

Since the eighth grade Genie Lee had been a bed wetter, which often sent her emotions to dark places.

Her life could have been more comfortable had her parents embraced the idea that some girls just can’t control themselves at night, however hers were always opposed to the bedwetting but would only go so far as to get her a plastic sheet.

No way would they ever let their oldest and smartest daughter demean herself by wearing protective undergarments.

Genie’s mood soured more as she wrestled with the fact that she had unfortunately gained her parents mindset.

Cursing under her breath she disrobed from her soiled panties and nightgown and made way into the bathroom to clean herself from the grime of her own waste.

The rest of the morning rituals commenced and Genie soon found herself ready for school in thirty short minuets, glad that she was rather low maintenance with short black hair that was often pulled into a bun, glasses rather than contacts, and black clothing that could often pass for a boys.

Of course, said boy would have to have full hips and very thin legs, but all in all, Genie was not a very big fan of feminine beauty.

Shouldering her book bag she locked the door to her apartment as she left the building and entered the campus, passing close to the student cafeteria and finding herself stopping in front of the door with her hand on the handle of the door.

Her heart was leading her toward fate, but her mind proved that it was the stronger of the two and sent her reeling and fear, but allowed her to sit on the benches with her back to the cafeteria to further punish her through thought.

However Genie didn’t berate herself, rather she dug herself into a David Eddings book, trying desperately to escape from the crushing realism of the world she lived in.

In the comfort of another world, the world quickly progressed around her and soon students were flooding the courtyard moving in mass toward their respective university classes.

Committing the page number to her short term memory, Genie rose and threw the backpack over her shoulder, a bit disoriented by coming back to the real world.

As she walked to where she supposed her class was, she suddenly found herself slamming into something physical, completely knocking her down and forcing her out of the daze.

“I am so sorry… Please, I didn’t mean too, are you ok?” A blur stood over her, speaking in a soft and soothing voice.

Genie could only look up at the blur coming out of one daze and plunging into another. “My glasses.”

“Oh!” A moment passed before the voice once again filled the air. “Here you go sweetie.”

Vision was once again restored to her as a pair of hands receded from her face and the offender to her physical space was revealed.

Genie was beside herself with nervousness as she looked upon the red haired goddess, practically stammering and unable to move.

The moment that passed seemed to loop infinitely until Genie was unable to stand the ecstatic pressure that had built up inside her.

It was at that moment that her goddess offered her hand to help Jessie up off the ground, and her heart beat her mind for once and let one hand take the offer, lifting her from the earth.

“You’re Genie right? You’re in all my classes.” She said warmly. “Oh! My name is Jessica, though my friends call me Jessie.”

“Can I call you Jessie?” Genie said mindlessly, and smacked her forehead as she realized what she had just said.

Jessica giggled for a bit, though there was no contempt in it. “Sure you can… If I can call you Gen.”

Though she had often been fervently against that nickname due to its childish roots, Genie found herself nodding in agreement to the sentiment.

Jessie giggled once more and took a casual look at her watch. “Oh Gen! First period is starting. We better hurry up.”

In a rush the two practically raced each other to class, and commenced the school day, and though they were late, the two freshmen were glad to know each other.

It wore on much like that, both Genie and Jessie growing closer with each passing moment, and by noon Jessie had invited Genie over to her apartment to sleep over that night.

Which Genie stupidly agreed too, looking forward to spending the night with the girl she had recently been fawning over.

However, the usually smart Genie did not take her ritualistic bed wetting into account, being as she was too absorbed by her new friend to do anything but talk to her.

Evening finally came as it did everyday and one girl was enthusiastically leading the other to her apartment.

At the door Jessie was giggling and fumbled slightly with her keys before unlocking the door and bowing politely for Genie to enter the abode.

Unsuprisingly the apartment was much like her own, a two room with a bathroom and a living room as well as an open kitchen that was placed between one of the bedrooms and the living room.

Jessie was surprisingly neat with very few articles of litter out of place.

As well the apartment held a very wholesome homely feel to it despite being cheaply decorated with many IKEA goods.

Needless to say, Genie was impressed by her new friend’s abilities in housekeeping.

“Go ahead and sit down, and I’ll order the pizza.” Jessie smiled, taking the phone off the counter.

Genie was suddenly hit like a sack of bricks with the realization that she had a big problem with sleepovers, and breathlessly dropped on the couch, staring out the glass sliding door to the statue of the University’s founder in the courtyard.

Jessie ordered the pizza and walked into the living room taking off her jean jacket and throwing it on the back of the couch, showing off her pink sleeveless shirt and red skirt to her friend.

However the black haired girl was preoccupied with the embarrassing thought of having to wake up wet in a friend’s house tomorrow morning, and gaped even when Jessie sat down next to her and waved her hand in front of Genie’s pale face.

“What’s wrong hun?” Jessie asked.

“I… Er… I don’t think I can do a sleepover tonight.” Genie replied timidly.

“Aw, but you were all for it before.” Jessie frowned, but still held an inquisitive demeanor. “Why the sudden change Gen Gen?”

Genie blushed. “Its just…”

“What is it?”

Letting out a long breath, Genie looked into her friends green eyes. “I’m a bed wetter.” She whispered.

It is an unwritten law that every awkward moment must be followed up by an equally awkward silence, and thus Genie and Jessie were staring at each other for a moment before Jessie let out another comforting giggle.

Her hand brushed itself through the black hair of her friend, loosing the bun and letting it fall to her shoulders.

Jessie’s green eyes pierced Genie and there was a silent kiss between them, though it was more authoritative than love, much like a mother kissing away her child’s tears.

Genie was suddenly beside herself, fighting to push back tears she did not even understand.

“Oh Gen… That’s not a problem. I got it covered. Wait right here, kay?”

Genie nodded, once again dazed, however this time by tears, and could only continue to cry even as her friend returned with a burlap bag and set it by the couch kneeling down next to it and soothing Genie.

“I used to wet the bed, so lay down now sweetie and I’ll make it better.”

Jessie put a hand against her friend’s chest and gently helped her lay down on the couch.

Genie knew before hand what was going to happen, but was still surprised as the red headed goddess gently pulled away her black jeans and then her panties, folding them and setting them neatly next to the couch.

Tears flowed but were stifled by the sound of Jessie’s reassuring humming as the girl took out a wet wipe and coldly caressed Genie’s front and inner thighs with it.

Soothingly Jessie asked the other girl to lift up while she placed the garment under her and powdered Genie liberally.

It was then that the diaper came up and was sealed against her body, encasing her in a warm and comfortable cell.

Something about the feel, the smell comforted Genie even further and she found herself hugging the red headed goddess.

Her embrace was returned, and they held against each other, Genie climbing into Jessie’s lap as they waited for their dinner, exchanging kisses and Genie coming to the eventual realization that she was enjoying being mothered by her friend.

............the END...........